Ethical Policy

Other countries and peoples have different cultures, norms and sets of values to our own. We at Rahul International adhere to a strict fair trading policy, and expect all our suppliers to support and uphold these beliefs.

Conditions of employment

  • We conduct business in an open, moral and equitable manner.
  • We remunerate our employees at a fair market rate in accordance with their responsibilities and abilities.
  • Use of any child labor is strictly unacceptable.
  • Safe working conditions are provided for all employees and none are subjected to dangerous working practices.
  • Working hours are reasonable and appropriate breaks are given.
  • Employees are considered for promotion and advancement purely on their ability, and in no circumstances exploitation of any individual or group is allowed.
  • Employees are engaged on a voluntary basis and no forced labor or any use of physical or mental abuse is acceptable.

Protection of the environment

  • We all have an obligation to conserve and protect the environment and to respect the natural world. We and our suppliers bear this in mind when we choose materials and in the way we dispose of waste and byproducts.

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